Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29/12 - The illuminating moon last evening brought me clarity this morning.  A previous thought to head next to the Grand Canyon has shifted.  I'm instead heading back to New Mexico.

Two of my utmost desired adventures on this journey was zip lining (which I fulfilled in Tennessee) and the other is hot air ballooning which has been on my bucket list for many years.  Disappointedly, I arrived in the Southwest weeks after the well-known annual Albuquerque balloon festival. To my surprise and delight, Gallup, NM holds the second largest balloon festival and its happening this weekend!

I just checked into the hostel in Flagstaff for an affordable overnight stay, will eat some food, be mellow and get to bed early.

Tomorrow morning I'll head for Gallup. Thousands of people are expected for the balloon festival --- I'll have a few hours of driving to prepare myself for all the hoop-de-la!

It's a short and sweet blogging night.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/12 - Sitting in a Sedona cafe, semi-filled with people munching, chatting and staring at laptop screens like me.  The last of the sun's golden glow is fading below the horizon. It's nearly 6 p.m. and my body is still adjusting from years of being acclimated to east coast time.  6pm feels like 9pm. 

Being in this field of energy 3 days is plenty. I acknowledge by imprint of Sedona and intend to move on tomorrow. The land of red rocks speaks to me strongly, the town on the other hand does not --- way too commercial.  Didn't visit the major tourist spots. My greatest connection was driving up and down the roadways beholding and breathing in the sacred mountain majesty that illuminates this place. The drive into and out of Sedona along Oak Creek Canyon is way beyond awesome!  Looking forward to that tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I decided to take a drive out of town to visit Tuzigoot National Monument - a partially restored Indian pueblo built around 1100 AD.  A prehistoric culture that once flourished as one of the largest in the Verde Valley. The rooms are empty now but they were once filled with hard work, play, laughter, crying, solemn meetings, joyful celebrations.  The people here were part of a culture archeologists call Sinagua, although no one knows to date what they named themselves. 

From there, I drove 40 min and then 8 miles at 5 mph along a gravel road to Palatki Cultural Site to view the cliff dwelling and rock art.

The passage of time
so evident here

walls and walkways preserved

ruins still standing

 footprints upon footprints
icons and images


spirits whispering from long ago

The tide of evolutions turning
expressing itself 

contributing to the story
of eons upon eons

                                  the journey goes on....

I've been on the road now over 3 months and 2 weeks.
I celebrate that I have shared my journey in writing since it began. 
I acknowledge the dedication of staying up as late as it takes
to fulfill this personal commitment day-by-day. 
 Blogging has become my expression of gratitude
and closure of each day.

At the very same time
tuning into my body this night
I also acknowledge a lag these past couple days
 perhaps it comes from indecisiveness
the surrender to whatever is next.
Perhaps it is the growing sensation
that imminent change is beckoning me.
A day when blogging will give way
 to writing a book
and designing a traveling workshop
to sustain my nomadic life on the road.
The calling of my soul's deepest longing
to travel and share my creative gifts.


I bid thee goodnight.

More photos are posted on Facebook in my Sedona album.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/26 and 11/27  - I am visiting Evan - a spiritual brother who has traveled "around the block a few times as he puts it" --- a world traveler.  I especially loved hearing about his stories of living in India.  Our many hours of conversation traversed world culture, love of animals, religion, spirituality, and of course travel.  Amidst the many paths of conversation, I reminisced over a photo of Jan, a deceased Buddhist nun and prior to that a Noyes Dance Camp teacher of mine from 28+ years ago.

Thank you Pauline for connecting Evan & I
It has been a wonderful sharing
 ~ I delivered your hug ~

 Evan invited me to visit the Sedona Buddhist Stupa which I most gratefully accepted.

What is a Stupa?  Sacred stupas have graced the earth for over 2,600 years.  Stupas are the physical embodiment of the Buddha's enlightened mind. Their blessings are immeasurable.  Their presence, extremely rare in the West.  "By seeing a stupa or hearing about a stupa, remembering it, visualizing it -- any kind of connection-- will imbue you with a blessing, will connect you to enlightenment."      Tulku Sangngag Rinpoche, master stupa  builder of the Amitabha Stupa.  

Stupas are one of the oldest forms of sacred architecture on the planet.  For millennia, Buddhist practitioners have built them to promote spiritual deepening, healing, prosperity and peace.  The building of the Amitabha stupa in Sedona was initiated by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, spiritual director of the Kunzang Palyul Cholingn Tibetan Buddhist Centers.  It is graced with a bronze image of Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light and it is filled with hundreds of millions of prayers for peace, sacred relics, and ritual objects.  This beacon of light and virtue functions as a vortex of Enlightened Presence, radiating waves of compassion to all beings.

This sacred power spot invites meditation/prayer for all life.
Blessed with divine messages born out of the silence of inner being
I honor the gift of this sacred spot
and the charge of connection that was made.

~ Thank you Evan for taking me to this important place along my journey ~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank you for sharing your Heart

Deeply grateful for all the prayer wishes extended my way.
I'm devoting this blog post to those of you who send me emails gracing my journey.  Know that I carry all of you close to my heart.
To my friend ... "This little light of mine .. I'm gonna let it shine" .. Renya is teaching us to do this, and more.   Hugs and Safe Travels,   Glen (New Mexico) 

Ohhh that sounds so wonderful momma!! You keep giving the gift of you and ye shall keep receiving :)  Lovin' you! Easy cause you're beautiful!
11/25/12 - Sunshine poured through the bedroom window.  Warm temperatures in late November is a southwest blessing and I am surely glad to receive it ~ so is waking up to the sounds of Mynza playing native american flute.  Like the drum, flute has a way of beckoning me forth into the depth of sacred sound which spirals into the canyons of my mind and the fibers of my heart.

As I began telling Ann and Mynza about always wanting to play flute, Ann held a native american flute up to my mouth and I began to bond with it and play.  I'm now on the lookout for a flute to join me on my journey.

Feeling way too white skinned these days, I decided the outside hammock was the place for me.  An hour later I have a little sun glow and feeling lighter, brighter and more whole.

Off for an outing now with Anne and Mynza to explore the red rocks.  Packing up drum, flute, and rattles we're on our way.  Climbing the terrain up, down and through, navigating step by step brought us to a cave.   It is Sunday and it seems to me that our time with the land today was what I call Church Without Walls. Together we united in the gift of being present with the earth that is our body and the air that is our spirit.  Sitting within a cave, the three of us are spirited and open-hearted in our willingness to offer our creativity to the sacred ground that we are sitting upon; so begins our collaborative expression.  Weaving voice and vision we are one with this precious planet seeding goodness for the balance of all concerned.

There's a feeling of gladness
throbbing in the heart of one
a thank you from the sacred core
for spreading our radiance
contributing the creative gifts
that are in us to share.

More photos are posted on my facebook page in Album called Sedona.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/24/12 - This morning I'm on the road again. Driving long-distance conjurs up various thoughts:
* My hair is soft and silky in these southwest lands and I love that.
* I enjoy alternating between long periods of silence, then rolling down all the windows and playing a variety of tunes.  I love to crank up the volume to express my free spirit blowing in the wind.
* Extending my hands on the dashboard I thank my car 'Deer One' for carrying me so reliably these 4,000 miles thus far. 
* Alive with inspiration from the open plains and grasses, guardian rock people, mountain vistas, changing clouds and infinite sky.
*Exuding unconditional love, passion and dreams coming true.

A Renya Tale about Sacred Kinship
Minutes before reaching the Arizona border, I decided to stop and check out the strip of Navaho craft shops along the side of the road.  As I entered one of the shops displaying beautiful jewelry, rugs and horsehair pottery, I see a beautiful Navaho grandmother behind the cashier counter dozing off.  She intuits my presence and wakes up to greet me.  As I'm looking at the beautiful array of handcrafts, grandmother (she prefers that her name not be revealed) tells me that she didn't sleep well last night because a neighbor who lives close by was creating a loud domestic disturbance in the neighborhood. It wasn't the first time.  This is a big problem that happens a lot.  As is typically the case, the sheriff is called, a 3-day jail sentence is issued, the person returns home and the pattern continues to repeat.  Grandmother finds the only thing she can do is pray.  She wishes she could do more.

My heart reaches out to Grandmother in a prayerful way letting her know that I am praying with her for positive change, healing and reconciliation.  Like other times along this road trip, I cry for the cause and effect wayward struggles inflicted upon the American Indian from governmental invasions and conversions forced so long ago.  I am an Indian blooded woman even though my skin in this present body is white and my heart feels Grandmother's pain.

Placing one of my prayer seed bundles into Grandmother's loving hands, I assure her that she is not alone - "I will remember this moment and keep you and your community close to my heart joined in prayer."

After being granted permission to photograph Grandmother holding the small treasure I have created, she begins to cry telling me that her grandmother used to carry around small prayer bundles like this.  I too begin to cry as it becomes crystal clear that creating these small treasure seed bundles provide hope. These bundles were inspired by the one and only quote I connected with during all my years of childhood bible rearing. "Have the Faith of a Mustard Seed." As I distribute these seed bundles, I acknowledge my mama who has prayed every day of her life.  Her legacy of faith and love is strongly seeded in me for which I am eternally grateful.  Through conscious empowerment, I carry forth the simple gifts of sacred kinship and loving service.

Grandmother speaks: "I feel much better knowing that I am not alone."

 Renya speaks: Sacred kinship connections such as this is the soul purpose of my journey. 
As I listen to my heart it keeps expanding.
As I share my inner wisdom 
my journey unfolds.

* Arrived in Sedona, Arizona late this afternoon after a 7-1/2 hour drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The land of red rocks is as magnificent as I imagined!

 Welcomed by friend Anne and partner Mynzah

Uniting our heartbeats with the power drums.  

A perfect greeting.... A perfect evening.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

11/23/12 - Highly inspired by the dvd, The Next 7 Generations about the Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, I visited Star Dreaming Ranch in Madrid, NM, just south of Santa Fe today.  A sacred site located on a 22 acre complex of stone temples and labyrinths.

Stardreaming is a multidimensional reenactment of the ancient sanctuary for self-renewal, retreat and healing. A place for people to open their hearts to the stars and experience the magic of Oneness - an energy that invites us to live in the magic and reach for the stars.  Each Temple is oriented to specific stellar, lunar or solar alignments.  Each temple has its own creation story, unique design and type of stone, created according to the Mermetic tradition of revered sacred geometry, alchemy and magic.  These Temples/vortices create a portal for divine energy and healing.


For example:  The Temples of the Cosmos and Rainbow Whale consist of 600 tons and 50 different kinds of stone and crystal ranging in size from multi-ton boulders to hand chipped pieces from the USA and Mexico.  Temples of the Cosmos began on Fall Equinox 2000 and was completed on Summer Solstice 2011 with the creation of the Temple of Infinity, 13 Grandfathers and Grandmother.  There are 13 monolithic standing stones that represent the ancient Grandfathers, Dragons and Archangels.  The eastern part of the loop of the infinity symbol incorporates and Arcturian energies and the western part the Sirian energies.

Founder, James Jereb, Ph.D., architect, designer and visionary artist of Stardreaming is dedicated to understanding and communicating the story of our world and that of the stars, rooted in indigenous teachings, star lore, art, and sacred architecture across cultures.  In 1996, his journey began after a spiritual awakening in Sedona, Arizona.  This experience catapulted him into an artistic and spiritual transformation.  He received guidance in a vision telling him that he was to surrender to the Creative Source, paint on canvas, create wall murals and sacred spaces for many.  This guidance led to the creation of the Star Temple, the Stargate Deck, Stardreaming and two books:  Alchemy of the Stone and Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the Land of Stardreaming.

Jereb, being an alchemist and magician, moved and aligned tons of stone with his trusted crowbar and pipe.  This is a testament to our true-unlimited physical potential and the divine that resides in all of us.  When viewing the landscape, one is in awe of the magnitude and power of the stone.  Working with the stone, Jereb claims that the stone taught him about humility, passion, surrender, love, trust and balance.

Communing with this sacred site was amazing
 ~the energies are incredibly powerful ~

If you are inspired to learn more, I invite you to visit:

more photos can be viewed on my facebook page.
11/23/12 - Occasionally I remember my dreams.  This morning I have vivid recall of last evening's dreamtime. It is a dream that I've had a couple other times in the past.  Here it is:

I seem to be the wayshower on a divinely accorded day.  Outside walking along, I feel and follow an impulse to look upwards and focus on the sky to reveal numerous clouds mysteriously forming into a great pod of dolphins.  The sky and ocean become one and the dolphins transform into physical form swimming playfully in the ocean sky with eyes twinkling the magic of wonder and delight.
The story spreads and folks are pouring out of buildings and filling the streets watching the amazing spectacle.  More then watching actually, everyone is celebrating for there is a deep inner knowing within us all that the long awaited time has arrived, the time that has long been promised from the Legions of Truth and Light.  Ecstatic blessings fill the air and ecstatic dance fills the streets.  All of a sudden one street becomes many streets - towns become cities - cities become states, states become country, countries become the world.  All of us are dancing the dance of new life!  Awakening life! Unified Life! Alleluia life! streaming bliss with child-like wonder, gratitude and peace.

Just like the first and second time, this visitation feels to me like a prophecy from home - a reminder to remain optimistic beyond what seems to be - a reminder that things aren't always as they appear - a reminder to remain open to infinite possibility!

What is Dolphin symbolic of? 
Here is some information about Dolphin Medicine 

Dolphin medicine represents the sacredness of all life and the abundance of the primordial sea. They are the gatekeepers to other realms and may teach us how to pass freely between this world and others. Dolphins carry this ability because they are mammals that live in the sea. They live in two worlds, the world of air and the world of water. Like Whales, Dolphins teach us how to remain open to living in more than one way and environment, this is especially helpful for those who feel they are living a dual lifestyle, for example the Accountant who is also a practicing Medium on the weekends!
Many of us are uncomfortable trying to step from one realm of life to another in this manner. We often feel we must hide our more unorthodox beliefs and practices out of fear that at best someone will think us a kook and at worst, we may lose our jobs. Dolphin medicine can show us ways in which we can come to terms with what the outside world expects of us and what we must do to remain true to ourselves! Dolphin may encourage us to begin looking at ways in which we can use the current career to help us step into doing full time that which we really love and desire to do so that we may be true to who we are at all times and not just when it is "safe" for us to do so! Or perhaps Dolphin energy may suggest that we begin looking for another employer who is more empathetic to our beliefs and may even ask that one share what one has learned with them and other employees! 

It is playful, a reminder that time to play is a crucial element in walking in balance. It moves through the water quickly and with great grace, ever moving with the flow. Dolphin tells us to move with the ebb and flow of life, and not to search for brick walls to smash into. To spend our energy fighting the current gets us nowhere. We remain stuck in that negative and bad place filled with frustration and despair. To slip through the bad times with our energy intact leaves our awareness open to spot the way out when it shows itself, or to create our own way when none appears. Being constantly at war with others, with our surroundings and with circumstances we cannot change destroys the spirit, eats away at hope, and consumes the joy of life.

By being aware of our breath, and using rhythmic breathing, we can lessen stress and fatigue; we can use deep cleansing breaths to "flush" our lungs and respiratory system; we can even tap into the power of breath to journey into altered states of awareness. Take a deep breath and hold it. Try to touch your elbows behind your back. Hold that position as long as you can. Then slowly blow out all your breath until your lungs are empty. Then relax your arms. Do this exercise a few times whenever you think of it, and you will feel the muscle tension in your body relax. Breath control is truly dolphin power.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/22/12 - Today marks the beginning of my new and continued blog.  
THANK YOU ~ Albuquerque hostel sister Rory for assisting me!

Thanksgiving is buzzing in the air and the turkey is in the oven.  Thanksgiving dinner is being provided compliments of the wonderful and generous hostel staff and guests.

Another hostel mate just arrived, Nicolene from Denmark.  She's traveled to Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego, worked for a month in Ohio for the Obama campaign and heading next to New Orleans.

Given its Thanksgiving, my curiosity asks Korie about whether they celebrate something similar to this day of tradition in S. Korea and discover that they have a similar concept called Chuseok celebrated the middle of September. Families gather to give thanks for all the foods they harvest during the year.  They cook together, enjoy the meal and play games. 

Across from me sits Nicolene speaking to her Dad in Denmark explaining to him today's US holiday via Skype.  I just love listening to Nico speak Danish . There is an abundance of things I am grateful for and one is Skype which allows people all over the world to connect with one another without cost.

Speaking of gratitude, since August I've been looking forward to posting the below image that I photographed in Connecticut. Driving from Old Lyme to Salem,  I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of this image and now I will share it with you.

May we ALL

Today and Always, 
I meet you in the sacred space of love and gratitude!


~ A couple quotes just shared from my son ~

Vietnamese saying, 
Your way of giving is more important than what you give

It is not what we give, but what we share
for the gift without the giver is bare.   -James Russell Lowell


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/21/12 - Today I sat all day long and well through the night weeding through and reorganizing 1000+ photos and creating a new blog.  I did this after discovering that I maxed out the number of photos I could upload to my previous blog.  I've been quite generous in sharing lots of photos on my blog and now it seems because of the amount of free storage that is offered, I will need to be mindful about the number of photos I post. It is my hope to display a greater number of photos on facebook and perhaps my pinterest page as well if I find the time to do that.

Just as I was ready to wrap it up and slip into bed, in walks a new hostel roommate Rory, from S. Korea. Rory's been in the states a good while and settling in Albuquerque now that she has just gotten a job.  She has no car and relies on public transportation.  When she told me that she has walked 5 hrs to apply for jobs reality hit - I am most grateful for having a car.

Turns out that Nellie (other hostel mate I've enjoyed rooming with these past few nights) and Rorie were roommates at this hostel about 2 weeks ago.  As I type these words, all of us are having a fun time swapping the typical hostel stories that include questions like: Where are you from and where are you heading?
The wildest of this night's saga:  In meeting Rory I learned that she recently returned from visiting New London, CT  - my birthplace!  It gets even better -  when she mentioned hanging out with punk rock friends in New London a couple weeks ago, I thought of my sister's son Kevin who lives in New London and rolls with the same scene.  It turns out that Rorie met him.  Yowza!  I'll say it again YOWZA!!!! What a connected world!

Rory gave me a BIG gift tonight when she said to me, "You are so big!" referring to my age and my courage in traveling across country.  I shared with her that in the past, I chose to live small and for the last several years I have consciously and diligently worked a great deal on personal empowerment in order to enlarge my footprint in life in order to manifest my visions and dreams.  Rory's gift has shown me how far I have come.  It is true, I feel to be quite a different person from when I embarked on my journey a little over 3 months ago.  It is such a gift to meet one another in the moment so that we are able to acknowledge and celebrate our personal day to day growth.  Thank you Rorie for sharing this gift!

Yet another surprise!  The neat thing about hostels is that folks are always coming and going.  Constant change happens here.  This type of stay attracts free spirit travelers who thrive on meeting folks from all around the world.  We gypsies love that.

Suddenly this evening forms into a sudden large gathering of multi-cultural hostel mates.  I am no longer tired.  Around the community dining room table we are meeting, bonding, laughing, sharing photos and swapping stories about travel and country. One never knows in a hostel setting who will show up.  Sometimes there are just a few folks and then all of a sudden several more arrive; all coming from various locations, often weary from travel and more often than not willing to share an abundance of stories. 

So.. at the table tonight joining me is Nellie from Chicago, an  early childhood educator, presently working in Albuquerque and at the same time exploring abroad opportunities for work and travel,
Rorie from S. Korea settling into Albuquerque having just landed a job, Lidia from Barcelona, Spain traveling all over the US tromping around a very large and heavy suitcase prepared for all kinds of weather, Vladimir from Paris (Ukranian roots) and Hiro from Japan, both passing through and in the morning continuing onward with their US explorations. 

                    left to right:  Hiro, Me, Nellie, Rory, Lidia, Vladimir

What fun we had!  I especially loved our conversation around the language of different countries.  Vladimir introduced his linguistic discoveries of how he forms words of different languages in his mouth when he speaks.  This fascinating topic invited us all to share our experiences and perceptions of various languages. To engage with the world in this way is the calling that inspires me to travel.

All the way back to childhood, I've always had an insatiable thirst for meeting and being with the world.  Meeting brothers and sisters around the world through my hostel stays continues to feed me with the optimism that down the winding trail of life I shall fulfill my dream of traveling abroad.

Another wonderful day has come and gone
        while Blessings of Thanksgiving
                dance in my heart and head.