Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/27/2003 - The day before Thanksgiving
Inspired to blog today. Haven't done so since July. 
I sit in stillness, in gratitude
reflecting upon Thanksgiving....
appreciating the gift of the moment
for a life of love and leisure
a voice and body vessel of choice and opportunity
the delight of being a mama, a sister, an aunt, a daughter
the grace of warmth, home and hearth
joy of earth, beauty, bounty and sweet bliss
a compassionate heart, joy and laughter
creative inspiration and transformational vision
the power of sacred kinship, caring and sharing
the best of kingdomkind
spirit breathing through us and dancing us awake 
My heart overflows......

The days go on by and I keep behaving as if I have all the time in the world
to manifest the book I'm inspired to write about my cross country journey, traveling adventures, and personal transformation. I had envisioned having my book done by now. And yet, time and time again, I find myself surrendering to the process, personal expectation and outcome. Each time I sit down to write this work in progress, I feel as though I am being formed new in the embrace of this ongoing experience. Gradually, I am finding my way to the written page drop by drop and committed to sticking with it no matter what.  I invite you to hang in there with me and I'll let you know as soon RENYA ON THE ROAD is done and ready for distribution.

I write this blog post from my sister and brother-in-law's home in Connecticut, where I have been since September. It is such a blessing to have returned full circle to Connecticut, from whence my journey began August, 2012.

My dad was struggling with Parkinson's before I left on my journey last August.   Forging ahead with my soul's beckoning to travel across the US, leaving my health fragile parents behind was most difficult.  It was my soul that beckoned me to travel when I did.  The window of opportunity  was open and waiting for my yes. It was extremely clear that this souljourn was the next step for me to take upon my spirit earth walk. 

I willingly and passionately embraced the vision of travelling across country with an intention. I prayed to be guided back to Connecticut to spend quality time with my parents before anything unforeseen shook our family tree.  This was extremely important to me and so I planted that prayer and embarked on my journey in trust that it would be answered.  Abiding in and trusting the power and presence of that powerful verse..... "ask and you shall receive" I am most grateful to be with my parents and siblings again.

Myself, two sisters and brother are devoted to love and care of our family. With that said, they all reside nearby and I am the one who has spent chuncks of my life living in other states. For years, I have balanced the threads of my devotion of family with my devotion of my soul's growth and and spirit's guidance. My family and I are deeply connected. Would there be resentment from my parents and siblings for leaving them behind during this fragile time?   I have wondered.  My siblings have given voice to my wonderment and we have come through the tunnel of adapting, accepting with understanding and honor. I am deeply grateful for this act of mutually honoring resolution.

Day-by-Day, I watch my dad 's body struggle with Parkinson's disease; his embarrassment, difficulties and pain.  I watch myself watching him as tears of love and care rinse my face. At family gatherings now, I glimpse at everyone and see in them what I see in myself... the day is coming soon when the door of transformation, death, will be visiting our family.  I am no stranger to this doorway.  My beloved fiance died in 1999.  

Death demands attention.  Death demands an invitation for all of us to give mighty thanks for every blessing.  Death inspires reflection.  Death guarantees change.  In my family, it has come time to face the journey of immortality.

My mom is devoted to a life of prayer.  At 85, with vision compromised, her commitment to a life of faith, love and prayer washes over me.  I see the many ways in which I am like her and smile gratefully for it. It is so endearing to behold my mom and dad daily devoted to loving and caring for one another through this declining body time.  I am most grateful to Spirit for guiding me home safely and timely to be with dad, mom and my siblings.  A precious gift... this quality time.

I give thanks that my son will be joining our family tribe for holiday next month and look forward with mama excitement to his arrival.  I am grateful that my partner Ran is a man of sensitivity and understands, honors, and supports my need to be with family, as we love long-distance between Connecticut and New Mexico and look forward to our joining for the new year.

I am grateful for the Blessing of Love and its evolving phases.  Like the moon, we pass through its many phases and stages.  Love is what fashioned us from the central point of our light-filled origin.  Love is what called me back home.  Love eventually calls us all home. 

Like I said in the beginning of this writing, there is so much to be grateful for.

How about you?
I would love to hear about your 
Thanksgiving gratitude! 
I invite you to share with a comment.


May your ThanksGiving be heart-filled !!!