Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is my first blog post for 2014.  An update of where I am and some details of how my life is moving on. 

  Living the Life of Change, Trust, and Gratitude
Dedicated to living the Power of Here and Now

My 2005 reliable Hyundai Elantra has surely served me well for 8 years.  From August 2012 to April 2013 it was my home as I free spirit traveled cross-country.

Towards the end of my solo travels, I met Ran.  Exploring new adventures with this honorable, generous, gracious man is a precious gift.  Just as my journey cross-country was life-changing, now my transformation continues through the power of partnership.

Our love of travel and appreciation of simple mindful living
 have catapulted us into a wonderful rhythm together. 

On January 17th, I drove to Los Alamos Motor Vehicle Division with a Connecticut license and departed bearing a New Mexico license and plate. I am an official New Mexico resident living in the ‘Land of Enchantment.’  What a perfect fit for me! 
    Living in high desert wilderness is amazing!  I feel such deep oneness with Ran and this sacred land.  Throughout the years, I have said many times that my spirit resides in the southwest.  Now that I am here, I know this to be true.  My soul is so at home here. Looking out as far as I can see in any direction from our tiny house, I behold canyon, mountain mesa, terracotta-tan-brown toned earth.  Free range cows are a common sight. Walking this desert landscape reveals tracks of birds, various species including raven and pinion jays in abundance, rabbit, coyote, badger and mountain lion.  Lizards and snakes are also at home here.  Sage, cactus, pinion, and juniper grace the 62-acres of intentional community. 
Sunrise- sunset- night sky is a feast of magnificence

As the song lyrics goes, there is time for every season, and this is my season to co*create and seed my dreams.  So it is here in Abiquiu, New Mexico among many flourishing artists that I am setting down roots.  I am practicing the art of discipline in writing my book and designing handcrafts, as well as visioning, rebuilding and expanding RENYA CREATIONS.  While doing so, I am getting to know my neighbors, making my gifts and skills known and cultivating temporary work opportunities in support of my simple lifestyle needs. 

The rocky road driveway leading into this community called
‘Village of the Shining Stones’ is 2-½ miles long.  
My journey on the road has led me to a place of  rooting and the time draws near for me to release my gypsy mobile.  With exception to its occasional uncovering to allow the engine time to run awhile and sometimes take it for a brief spin around the village, it has been parked under a car cover for months. 

Ran has a blue sedan similar to mine, a tad smaller, simpler, and older, called Lil’ Blue, which I can drive anytime I want to.  My heart of thanks overflows for such a gracious offer.
The decision of letting go is never an easy one.  On one-hand, I view selling my car as a challenge because it's paid off and in great shape. During my cross-country journey, I invested into it far more than its blue book value (new brakes, tires, suspension and steering components, radiator, and timing belt).

On the other hand, I find that I must remain true to the continuing practice of living in and trusting each moment. When I focus on the present, I know that it is time to release that which no longer serves me.  If I were to focus on the future instead, I would be drawn into the saga of ‘WHAT IF?’  What if something should happen tomorrow causing me to second guess or regret my decision.  Basing today’s decisions on the wonderment of tomorrow is enabling fear to have its way of holding me back from being true to here and now. The core fibers of my truth is that everything, no exception, comes from the God Source Universe and that level of trust continues to be the practice I am living with every breath and every step.

The facts of my current physical situation are this. 
Jobless since August, 2012.
Living remote; mainstream job opportunities are a good distance away. 
Have exhausted the money I stretched well during my travels. 
Been paying car insurance for months and have hardly driven my car since April 2013.
I require money at this point far more than a car.  

I am clear, it is time to let go and trust.  I am in total peace with the decision.  My approach to this chapter in my journey is not a loss, but rather a new beginning.  I am ready to take action. Tending to both inner and outer action is the key to victorious manifesting and so I begin.  My ideal prayer of intention goes out to the Universe.  “Creator, unite me with a resonant buyer.  An honest person who will immediately recognize my car’s worth.  The one who will offer the fair price I am asking for.  My objective is not to have to weed through several potential buyers, but rather call forth directly the person for whom my car will serve the most.  Let this happen quickly and easily so I need not pay another month of car insurance.  I now let go and let God Creator Universe go before me and prepare the way to assist me for my greater good and the greater good of all.  So be it.” 

Now for my outer action.  I turn to Craigslist.  After all, Craig is my last name so it seems the right direction to go.   

On January 23, 2014, I posted:
Looking for a great used car well cared for?

There was a long list of other cars listed for sale the day I posted my ad.  Seeing this could have been cause for doubt messing with my mind, questioning whether I’d be able to sell my car as quickly and easily as I envisioned.  Instead, I held strong to my knowing and trust that with God and the Power of Focused Intent Everything Is Possible.  Every day I affirmed, aligned, and energized my prayer.  When I sealed my prayer and let it go, I meant every word and remained vigilant to the awareness of my thoughts.

In the power of manifesting, this is the point in which trust or fear enter and play out.  Every thought we think creates our reality.  To quote a wise friend and spiritual teacher, Geoffrey Bullington, “every thought is a prayer and every prayer is a thought answered.”  At first, these words may sound like a riddle.  However, the deeper they are understand, practiced, and integrated, the greater and richer awareness grows into how the universal principle of cause and effect opens the doorway to conscious manifesting. 
January 28 -   I received the first Craigslist response to my ad from a potential buyer named Patricia.  Immediately upon receiving her email, my heart felt the flutter of knowing that her inquiry was the answer to my prayer.

January 29 - Ran & I drove to Espanola, which is only 30 minutes away from Abiquiu. I was so excited I probably could have skipped there!   Meeting Patricia was much more than a sales transaction.  It was a meeting of two seeming strangers becoming instant sisters, expressing mutual needs through honesty, exchanging ease and grace through kindness and friendship. The best deal of all!  A mutually supportive one!  I am quite excited to have magnetized the ideal buyer in such a short period of time and a new friend! Tomorrow is the day of celebration, of money and title exchange, of both parties receiving what they asked for, and feeling really good about it.  It’s all about the power of resonant connection!  

Why wait 'til tomorrow?
It’s decided. 
Ran & I head to La Cocina for a pre-sale lunch ~ 

 Lamb tacos – yum! 
 a toast to a mutually fulfilling manifestation well done!

January 30 – Today is car sale day. Patricia and I are both pumped up to meet again.  During the last couple of days getting to know one another, we discovered other reasons the Universe has brought us together in addition to the sale of a car.  It turns out that Patricia desires to create the possibility of relationship again.  I know that process well.  A year ago, I was there myself.  Having manifested a beautiful, resonant, relationship into my life, I have supportive insight and experiential tools about manifesting our dreams that I can share.  It turns out too that I want to learn Spanish and now have a potential teacher.
Words from Patricia:
“I would like to thank you and Ran for all that you have done for me
 to make this sale such a pleasant experience.”

As Patricia and her daughter-in-law, Reina, drive away in a much loved and cared for car, I walk through the doors of my bank with a deposit slip in my hand giving gratitude for this smooth, easy, amazing manifesting experience. 


In the spirit of honest, open, balanced action and the joy of completion, Ran & I are off in his White Rhino truck heading for Mamacita’s in Abiquiu for a fabulous veggie deluxe pizza. Another yum and another day to celebrate!  Oh yeah.

A note in retrospection:

There are so many stories in the world about people taking advantage of people, people not trusting people, people ripping people off, people hurting people. It’s such a debilitating way to live that cuts us off from one another.  Instead of this fear-based thinking and sad misuse of energy, I choose instead to interact soul-inspired with my heart open and keenly aware.  I suppose because of this, I have built a deep trust in people all my life, and live by the power of wisdom that what you think, feel, and extend out is what you receive back.  It’s the way of the Universal Law of Reflection and I’m extremely grateful to be trusting it, living it and spreading it.

written on Feb. 1, 2014