Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 2, 2013 - Happy Birthday to me  - My 59th birthday arrived splendidly!  Journey Partner Ran knows that I'm a mermaid somewhat disguised and how much I adore the sea..... so...... a grand birthday surprise was heading to Seattle for a day of fun and exploration.

No time for a leisurely wakeup, dressed quickly and dashed, grabbing 2 apples and 4 health bars to go, we walked vigorously to the nearest bus stop, arriving the same time we did.  The short bus ride transferred us to another short bus ride, which then unloaded us at Puget Sound Ferry. Thoroughly enjoyed the ferry ride and the day of browsing and doddling about downtown Seattle.   

We visited the ever popular Pike Place Market - waterfront farmer's market. I adore open air markets filled with foods, flowers, crafts and more. Ran told me ahead that the fish market was in and of itself an amazing experience. WOW ~ was he ever right! At the fish market there's a staff worker behind the fish counter and a few others in front of the counter, all waiting on consistent lines of customers. If you want to buy a fish, this is how it works:  As customers call out their orders, the staff workers (working the floor) throw the designated fish through the air to the worker behind the counter to weigh and package the fish to go.  The customer then hands their payment to the same front counter staff worker who stuffs the payment into a slit into a green fuzzy ball that gets thrown to the worker behind the counter who handles the cash register... any change due comes back the same way with your packaged fish. Fascinating entertainment! and truly fishy! (heehee). Wish I could have gotten a pic, but couldn't orchestrate a good view through the crowds of people. 

 Went to legendary Ivar's for Alaskan Cod fish and chips. I'm a MAJOR FAN OF NORTHWEST SEAFOOD!!! Seagulls upon seagulls were hanging out and being hand fed dockside.  I love seagulls, all winged ones for that matter. Took lots of awesome seagull pics. Many more are posted in my facebook album called: Washington State.

Enjoyed a mid-day fresh juiced watermelon mango drink at a street side stand.  Most yummy!

Discovered the Sea Shepherd Gallery and Education Center whose mission is  fighting for whales, sharks, seals and fish. This passionate group of people are making a big difference in saving these magnificent creatures from diminishing.  I am so grateful to learn of their work. If you would like to learn more about these sea voices creating sea change: check out:   

 Upon awakening and greeting my birthday morning, I spoke aloud a desire to see a totem pole.  I've always been amazing by them and being in the pacific northwest is my chance to have a totem pole experience. My birthday prayer was answered.  Not only did I see totem poles in front of a few shops in downtown Seattle, I got to meet a master totem carver.  

Rick Lone Wolf has been carving totems for 54 years. He carves like his father and grandfather before him.  As Ran & I were sightseeing about, we spotted Rick sitting on a bench intricately carving. For 48 years, Rick has been sitting on the same bench in the same waterfront park carving totem poles everyday, all day, 7 days a week.  I live for spontaneous moments such as this.... sharing the  power of personal story.  It is the inspiration of why I travel.

 By early evening, Ran & I met up with friends of Ran's from Alaska, Dan & Sue who run a cruise company.  "Un-Cruise Adventures - Unrushed! Uncrowded! Unbelievable!"  - The BEST way to travel!  Check them out at: 

            Dan, Ren, Ran and Sue ~ Great visit!!!
 Enjoyed a lovely birthday dinner of yet more salmon!!!  I've eaten more salmon in 2 weeks of visiting the Salmon nation of Seattle than I've had in my entire 58 years!  (Yes!) I am one very happy mermaid!   

 After dinner, we all drove over to the Ballard Locks at the west end of Salmon Bay, which is part of Seattle's Lake Washington Ship Canal to watch salmon migrate up the fish ladder at Ballard's Chittenden Locks.  

 The locks are a critical link for salmon and steelhead heading upstream to spawn.

What an AWESOME Birth*day!  
It's time to catch the ferry back to Bremerton, where our camper awaits us. 
Purrfect timing once again - a sunset cruise on the ferry. 

 Thank you *Ran* & Thank you Seattle ~
A fabulous beginning to my 59th year!

 Dismounting the ferry, we were prepared to foot it to our camper 2-1/2 miles under the barely visible moon at 10 pm, one lone taxi awaited outside the ferry terminal at 10:pm.  Acknowledging perfect timing once again, we hopped in and was back to the camper in a flash.

Wait.. Wait... There's more!

Awaiting  on the bumper of the Ren & Ran camper - a beautiful vase of flowers and a cute card that reads: "Remember, age is all in your mind.  The trick is to keep it from creeping down into your body!."  From the wisdom of turtle.  -Thank you so much ~ Justin, Lacey, Kya & Fred

 It's been an amazing day.... and... it's not over yet.  Ran & I are feasting on special dessert in our camper.  Tomorrow night, I am looking forward to a 2nd dessert I love.. Pineapple & Coconut ice cream.

Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes my way.
My heart is savoring each one.

*Additional pics are posted on my FB page
Washington State photo album. 


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