Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 -

 Since my last blogpost in April, my gypsy mobile has been dressed with a protective car cover enjoying a long nap after 8 months of driving cross country.

As for me, after a wonderful 2-month stay in a  cozy southwest home with a beautiful soul brother named 'Ran', he and I have taken to the road as travel companions.  He is just as much a nomad spirit as I.... imagine that.

On June 14th, we departed Abiquiu, NM (Georgia O'Keefe country) for the hot desert lands of:


 Mesa Verde National Park in CO - amazing cliff dwellings, stories and spirit of ancient ways


Arches in Moab, Utah - red rocks, arches and alcoves - the wind and water carved desert


... onward to the northwest....through the famous potato state of Idaho


into eastern Oregon of luscious green trees, waterfalls and moss ~ fairyland delight ~





I am writing this post from the Evergreen State of Washington where we arrived yesterday for a 3-week stay, after which we will meander down the pacific coast camping & visiting with wide open awe and wonder, attracting wonderful spontaneous surprises along the way. 
As much as I treasure solo travels, I am making a new discovery that when spirit hand-delivers you a  resonant free-spirited journey partner who is easy, natural and fun to be with, companion traveling offers a mutually rewarding, succulent, divine experience.  Adding to that the splendor of beholding the amazing landscapes and staggering beauty of America....we're loving every moment of this joyous living adventure.

Travel is my passion and indeed it is exactly what I've attracted into my life. My body, mind and spirit are thoroughly delighted every morning, noon and night. When I look at my face in the mirror I see a youthful glow emanating ...  called living out your dream.  From the inside out I feel grand!

There is so much more to say, of course, although my objective here is to touch in and share where I've been these last couple months.

As far as writing goes, it remains my intent to have my book of souljourn adventures completed sometime during Autumn season.  Indeed it's a challenge writing on the move, although now that I have landed in Washington for 3 weeks, this small table in the camper has become my little writing nook. Today I am focused on providing this updated blogpost and tomorrow book writing resumes.

Check out my facebook albums to view pics galore spanning from April when I landed in Abiquiu, NM ..... on thru the current traveling adventures of "Ren & Ran On The Road."

Here's to
**** being inspired along the journey! ****

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